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This module is no longer supported in the KRL system.

 The Amazon Library

Kynetx has implemented a KRL layer for the Product Advertising API (think Amazon provides a SOAP and a REST api to their e-commerce operations. KRL provides a secure way to produce authenticated, signed requests to the APAAPI without exposing your 'Secure Access Key'.

KRL also supports Amazon's Amazon Associates affiliate program which provides an additional way to monetize your KRL ruleset. When you join either of these programs, you are creating an agreement solely between yourself and Amazon. You are responsible for understanding and following the terms of the agreement.

The APAAPI is huge and there is nothing preventing a KRL developer from using the API independent of the KRL implementation. The Kynetx philosophy is to provide a convenient, simple interface for programmers, but to get out of the way of those developers that want to do more complex tasks. That said, most of the original functionality of the API is preserved and could be utilized by someone familiar with the original interface. Supported Amazon Product Advertising API Operations.

Table of Contents

Getting Started

Set yourself up an Amazon developer account. You will have to agree to Amazon's Licensing Agreement which includes usage guidelines, policies and requirements. You can also earn referral fees from customers that click through and buy products through your applications by becoming an Amazon affiliate. The Amazon Associates program also gives you access to special retail promotions and offers available to affiliates.

  • Get your APAAPI developer credentials here
  • (Optional) Become an Amazon Associate here

Place your Amazon credentials in the meta section of your application:

Amazon Functions


The item search function allows you to search for amazon items it takes in a hash of parameters and returns a hash of results.  For more information please consult the Amazon item search documentation.

The following are a few examples of using amazon:item_search:

This example searches for the keyword bacon salt:

This example searches for electronics in the us from the sony manufacturer

This example searches for US automotive index for used items in Utah. Note that this is not specific and will return parts, cars, electronics and whatever.

This example searches through the Canadian database for kitchen items that match davenport, ketchup, and chips.


Item lookup is used to find information about items in the amazon database.  It takes in a hash of parameters and returns a hash of results.  To find out more about parameters and results consult the amazon documentation.

The following are a few examples of using amazon:item_lookup:

This example uses the Amazon ASIN and returns the 'Small' response group by default.

This example searches for any related tracks to the specified item.
This example searches by SKU and returns the 2nd page of reviews and the 3rd page of tags associated with the items found.

Amazon Examples

The following is an example of using amazon:item_search():

The following is an example of amazon:item_lookup():